Induction Cooker

Induction cooking technology offers the high power density, high reliability, good safety and small size. VSHOME deliver the induction cooker PCBA using quasi-resonance single switch topology. This topology has a balance between the heating power and components cost, are the most commonly used in home appliances and commercial induction cookers.


  • IGBT over voltage/ over heating protection
  • Pulse width limit protection
  • Surge protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Mains supply over/ under voltage protection
  • No repeatable trigger.

The induction cooker consists of power heating boards and touch key & display boards, which are connected through wired communication. The power heating board contains a power supply circuit and an MCU-based driving circuit that drives an IGBT which in turn controls the solenoid coil to implement heating. It can be applied to scenarios where the mains supply is 220V/50Hz and the power requirement is up to 2600W. The touch key & display board controls the human-machine interface and LED display. Customers can customize the development basing in the current solution architecture.

  • Dedicated Programmable Pulse Generator hardware frequency jitter circuit: reduce software burden and provide finer control effects. In high power( >1600W) conditions, frequency jittering can effectively reduce the IGBT VCE voltage to improve the IGBT stability, and reduce the EMI by dispersing the EMI with larger energy to other frequency spectrums.
  • Highly-integrated single IGBT IH ASSP MCU.

Main Function

  • Warm: Change keep warm/ defrost mode
  • Fried: Fried mode with 4 preset levels
  • Lock: Child safety lock
  • Timer: Adjust timer, up to 240 minutes
  • Boost: Power increase to 2600W
  • Pause: Stop/ Resume, keep all settings
  • Function: Change operation modes
  • Power: Turn ON/OFF power supply