The Wedding Center’s Smart Lighting System

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Over the last few years, there has been a huge surge in the smart home market. Companies today are introducing smart products into their offerings for value addition to their end-customer in terms of comfort and security. Read about how VSHOME helped in product engineering and system deployment solution that makes exclusive residence smart and connected.

Customer Requirements

The client, a Vietnamese businessman, wanted a personalized smart home that was connected with a solar power system for his exclusive residence.

Key Challenges

  • Communication between switch and lighting actuator using wireless connection.
  • Auto lighting area depends on time/ motion.
  • Integrated the solar system to track generation and consumption of power
  • The customer site is far from our office( about 200 km).

Solution Proposed by VSHOME

VSHOME took complete ownership of the product design and demo as per the
customer use case and technical requirements. Leveraging our engineering expertise, VSHOME
proposed a solution consisting of a tablet and iOS/ Andorid application.
Some of the key features in the solution provided includes:

  • PIR sensor for motion detection
  •  4-gangs and 2-gangs touch switch with actuator integrated.
  • Main Controller base Embedded MCU
  • Samsung touchpad 10 inch with Android application for lighting control and power monitoring.

Customer Benefit

Optimize Lighting with Smart Controls

Smarter controls play a key role in optimizing office lighting. These controls allow you to dynamically
adjust lighting settings based on various factors such as: Occupancy, Natural Light Availability, and Personal Preferences. Sensors integrated into the intelligent lighting system detect motion and presence and automatically turn lights on or off in response to human presence. Not only does this eliminate the need for manual switching, it also ensures energy efficiency by avoiding unnecessary lighting.
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