Instant Water Heater

Instantaneous water heaters provide hot water instantaneously and only as it is needed. When you turn on a hot water tap in your home, cold water travels through a pipe into a heat exchanger in the unit. The cold water is heated in the heat exchanger via district heating water or another waterborne heat source. As a result, the water heaters deliver a constant supply of instant hot water.

The biggest advantage of a water heater with heat exchanger is: It never goes empty! Danfoss instantaneous water heaters can supply from one up to four households with domestic hot water and are very suitable for one-family houses.

Features and benefits

  • Immediately up to temperature: according to demand and without waiting times.
  • Desired temperature: No mixing of cold water.
  • Saves operating costs: Energy-saving technology.
  • Efficient: Energy and circulation losses are eliminated.
  • Short pipe runs: installed directly at the tapping point.
  • Easy to install, requires little space, and is simple to operate. 
  • Low operational temperatures.
  • Provides very clean water since there is no stagnant water in heat exchangers where slime and bacteria can grow.