The Home Appliances Industry

Like the entire world economy, home appliances undergone drastic changes in recent years. With technological development and new concepts of marketing and production, competition has greatly intensified and globalization has increased. Manufacturers adapt to difficult market conditions by managing the supply chain and economies of scale.

The development of home appliances in the future will be influenced by several factors, such as new materials, new technologies, high raw material prices, increasing pressures of ecological trends, the demographic structure of the population and their consumer culture. In recent years (especially during the epidemic), people have been placing increasing emphasis on decorating and furnishing their homes, which means that home appliances are becoming part of the visible living space, which represents an opportunity for modern design of home appliances.

PCBs in the production of home appliances have a long tradition. Today, we can’t imagine any appliance in the kitchen or bathroom without having at least one printed circuit board. The PCB enables the operation of the on / off switch, temperature setting, enables light signals, regulates the water level, heating…

VSHOME 's printed circuit boards can be found in various home appliances below.