Product Engineering Services

Product engineering is creating and seeing a product through its entire life cycle from conception to end-of-life. Product engineers are responsible for designing, developing, testing, and maintaining products.

Benefits of products engineering

1. Improved Product Quality: Through the use of engineering techniques and tools, product engineers can design and develop products that are more reliable, efficient, and effective. The rigorous process of testing and validating a product ensures that a high-quality product is produced.

2. Cost Savings: By identifying and fixing issues early on in the development process and constantly working to improve the product, product engineers can help to reduce costs.

3. Increased Productivity: Automating specific tasks can streamline the development process.

4. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Since product engineering means being involved in a product’s entire life, from conception to end-of-life, product engineers can ensure that customer needs and requirements are being met throughout the process.

5. Increased Innovation: Product engineering can help drive innovation by encouraging the development of new and improved products and keeping up to date with new technologies and materials. So many people engage in creating a product, including product managers, designers, and technical architects who can work together to ensure they are driving innovation.

6. Time-to-market advantage: Product engineers work closely with design teams to ensure the product development process is streamlined and issues are detected early on.

VSHOME Product engineering

Hardware Engineering

Product engineers in the electronics industry are responsible for designing and developing products like IoT, industry and other consumer electronic devices. Mainly services: schematic design, PCB design and layout, RF, high speed, wireless and low power design.

Embedded Engineering

Engineers with skill set ranges from microprocessors to real-time operating systems, from low-level system software to thorough understanding of hardware. We focus the firmware, middle ware and embedded application.

Software Engineering

The team’s capabilities cut across right from creating specs, designing and implementation to independent testing for various environmental specifications.

Testing & QA

Our rich experience in testing solutions we fully understand what it takes to take a proto to mass manufacturing. By keeping user at the center of every product and solution, we help customers take smartest products/solutions to the market -FASTER.

Product engineering involves overseeing many aspects of the product, including its quality, cost, performance, usability, reliability, lifespan, and serviceability. Without product engineering, a product would remain an idea, so it plays a crucial role in developing a product.